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The Huddle Thinking Framework - a different way to plan
People think and speak about the same things in different ways — some are action focused, others are all about the big picture.

When preparing to launch a project, there can often be conflicting desires between these personality types, causing tension and misunderstanding from the outset. A tug of war begins.

This webinar is focused on the Huddle Thinking Framework, a conceptual planning tool that aligns with all personality types. Use it to gain traction through shared outcomes and approaches that support your project plans.

May 30, 2019 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Kylie Savage
Director of Capability @Huddle
Kylie Savage is a mentor, coach, and facilitator working at the intersection of innovation and design. As the director of Capability for Human-centred design pioneer Huddle, Kylie works with leadership teams in large corporates and government agencies, leading sustainable innovation initiatives where people become the main beneficiaries. Kylie and Huddle believe that with an “anything is possible” mindset, organisations can make the world a better place. Before joining Huddle, Kylie was the director of strategy and innovation for Brightstar, and also created the Most Innovative Company awards program with Inventium, which is now in partnership with Australian Financial Review. She holds degrees in Robotics & Digital Technology and Electrical Engineering.
Jon Osborne
Senior Strategic Service Designer @Huddle
Jon Osborne is a designer and facilitator who works to help large companies develop new business initiatives. He draws on a background in the built environment to help leadership teams pioneer resilient innovation initiatives based on solid research and fresh thinking. A firm believer in a participatory approach to complex problem solving, he previously led and built a human centred design practice at Arup. This created a collaborative team of designers and resulted in a series of pioneering innovation initiatives across the organisation.